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NEW 24 CHANNEL ENCODER BOARD Check the product page for details.

GO GREEN. Run your complete cockpit setup from a single PC

Fast, compact, simple. Linux and Displays on USB memory stick

LFS Technologies has developed a suite of hardware, electronics, and software testbed that can be customized and tailored to the customer's requirements. In an effort to reduce costs to the end user we have integrated our products with open source projects such as FlightGear, JSBSim, and OSG. The preferred platform is a Linux based PC with the real-time extensions provided by RTAI/Xenomai. Status of the project was presented at the PCWG conference and a PDF copy of the presentation can be obtained here. LFS Technologies is an integrating contractor providing electronics, software, and support to academic and research organizations. A preliminary set of display software including a functional FMC is available for evaluation.

The next phase of the project will be the mating and integration of the flight controls, throttle quadrant (not pictured), and center pedestal and completion of the visual system and configuration of the multiple OTW displays with FlightGear.

When you go to our products page you will note the lack of any external software or hardware for network communications or interfaces. All network capabilities are included as part of the Linux OS and FlightGear and embedded into LFS Technologies displays. This results in bi-directional data transfers well in excess of 75HZ resulting in exceptionally smooth real-time display motion under all flight conditions and high speed control and feedback loops for the autopilots providing precise aircraft control for all flight phases and modes of operation.

LFS Technologies is providing electronics and support for the AeroVironment Global Explorer Program. The electronics and supporting software designed primarily for simulator applications are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The LFS components will be used in a ground station system and provide the human interface to input flight and mission data and control of the UAV. See our products page for more technical details.

LFS supports the Scale Expos held in Los Angeles. Everyone is always glad to see us and the pictures tell the tale. For a series of stills go to the project page on the FlightGear website. Click here to view a TGDaily interview and video of the sim in action

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